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Hungarian Social Media Fast

Hungarian Social Media Fast

Somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean I decided to take a break from social media for the duration of my Hungary trip.

My mom, sister and I were en route to Budapest for a two week holiday getaway and since I’ve been struggling with how to handle my social media lately, I decided this was a good time for a break.

Externally determined timelines, geographic location changes and special events make it easier to establish guidelines for trying new things, stopping bad habits or just switching it up, and in this case, the Budapest getaway was all three.

Taking a social media break just made sense all things considered, so the next time I turned my phone on I deleted Instagram and Facebook, without even announcing it. It’s a weird feeling not having these two apps and everything they embody one icon tap away.

I didn’t even post that I was leaving town so hardly anyone knows I’m not in Austin.

I didn’t Insta Story the view from hotel room that overlooks the Danube, the Széchenyi Chain Bridge and Fisherman's Bastion, partially covered in snow. I’ve also left my phone in the hotel everyday, wandering the streets with only my wallet and small notebook, both of which I keep loosing in the layers of jacket pockets.

How’s it feel?

Freedom from a phone is an amazing feeling. Not having it in my pocket, not expecting it to vibrate, not habitually checking it at any hint of downtime, not mindlessly scrolling on public transport… it’s an amazing sense of freedom. I feel more engaged in conversations, more present, less distracted.

Even in another country where I wouldn’t have infinite connectivity, the extra freedom and space from carrying a phone multiplies the freedom.

Though it’s a bit weird not sharing what I’m doing.

The views, the city, the people, the experiences, all immediate with no possibility of getting broadcast, which makes me think more about why we publish our lives for others to see.

Undoubtedly the snow capped bridges, eastern European architecture and Hungarian culture would be consumed eagerly…but is that why? I don’t want to make people jealous. My sharing is more intended as inclusion into my life, to make people feel a part of what I’m doing, not to make them envious or external, but maybe that’s a bi product?

On Day 3/12 these thoughts are still fresh and I’ll see how they evolve over the remainder of the trip.

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