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A Lesson Dozens Of People Tried to Teach Me But I Ignored

A Lesson Dozens Of People Tried to Teach Me But I Ignored

Over the last year I’ve come to deeply understand a really important lesson that I had to learn firsthand, even though sooooo many people had directly told me about it over the last decade.

I would be explaining everything I have going on with LIVE A GREAT STORY, ranging from story telling through media, selling products online and in-store, hosting events and organizing in person events,

“LIVE A GREAT STORY breaks down into three area : media, product and experiences.”

Inevitably the response from older, wiser people : “That’s a lot.”

“Yeah but they all weave in together because the media supports the branding which creates marketing for products and then……”

In fact, it was a lotttttt. Way too much.

My idea was to build a village with lots of little buildings, not a sky scraper.

And in my mind it totally worked. I could see the vision. I could see how everything we were building weaved together.

It made so much sense. But it didn’t work.

So earlier this year LIVE A GREAT STORY decided to scrap everything and focus on one thing.

Through this process I realized was that even this one thing had so many splinters of more things.

“We’re only going to focus on XYZ” but soon enough that XYZ turned into multiple divisions of smaller things.

And the more focus on one thing, the more I realize how deep that one thing becomes.

Each thing needs a million smaller things, and then each of those smaller things have their own things!!

Even focusing on one focus results in multiple sub-things.

I’ve realized that going deep with one focus is exponentially harder than doing multiple things, because with multiple things it’s easy to stay on the surface, to feel progress through lots of minor tasks, bouncing to another area to accomplish the same surface level tasks.

But to dive deep into one area and to keep riding the splinters continually, focusing again and again and again and again is the only way to accomplish true manifestation of a complete idea.

Building tons of 20% houses without roofs doesn’t accomplish anything of meaning.

Recently I’ve been engaging with more people who have my thinking from three years ago, building multiple things.

I just nod and smile and encourage them because I know it’s not going to work but me telling them that isn’t going to work, either.

So in 2019 I’m hyper focused on building a sky scraper. No more village with unfinished houses.

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