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I Hate My Phone

I Hate My Phone

I really hate my phone.

Well, really I just hate social media on my phone, which is a majority of what I use it for.

I run a very media-necessary business but checking email, taking calls and texting all can happen from my computer.

For that reason I’ve started leaving my phone in my car all mornings and it’s been huge for my productivity, so now I leave it in my car as much as possible.

The fact that it’s hundreds of feet away is super helpful in cutting the habit of opening my phone and going straight to Instagram.

But when I’m reconnected with my phone, the habit creeps back in and before I know it I’ve passed my “1 hr Social Networking Limit”. It’s sad how many times I hit the “Give Me 15 More Minutes, Please” button and it kind of makes me sick every time.


It’s not necessarily that I crave getting on Instagram or Facebook.

When I’m away from my phone, I don’t care about it. This summer I was camping and left my phone turned off for two days. It was amazing and I didn’t really miss my phone.

But then I returned to civilization and I dove straight back into the habit.

I haven’t done a month long social detox like a lot of people do but I think I’m close. There’s a few limitations I need to work out from a work perspective but I’m planning to do something like it in January.

Definitely deleting the apps is a good start.

But I kind of want to give up my iPhone and just go back to a flip phone…

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