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[STORY] How I Met the Dindr Guy

[STORY] How I Met the Dindr Guy

“This is such a typical Austin story but it’s a good one! Especially since we’re celebrating the birthday boy.”

We were sitting around the long dinner table at Hank’s celebrating Zach so of course I had to share the story of how we met.

“It all starts when Taylor and I were eating at Koriente, a delicious asian spot downtown. Taylor had ordered this really pretty plate and right as it was delivered a random guy stops, points to the dish and says, ‘Oh my god that looks delicious! What’d you order?’”

“We responded kindly, trying to navigate that weird in between of, ‘Is this guy hitting on us or just being nice?’”

“After chatting for a bit he started walking off but then casually over the shoulder says, ‘By the way I run an app that’s all about connecting people around dinner. It’s coming out soon on the App Store but check it out, it’s called Dindr.’”

“Typical Austin, just another Austin dude starting an app. But then a week or so later I was with my sister when she gets a text from her friend inviting her to this same app!”

“We look more into the details and turns out it’s a cool idea! Basically you connect with someone for dinner that night. I really liked it because I had kind of just moved back to the city and was traveling a lot so I was looking for new, cool ways to connect with people, and this seemed like a cool option.”

“Over the next couple weeks I realized I really wanted to use that app! I was in New York, Houston and Atlanta for just a few nights and this app seemed like the perfect missing link to help casually connect with new people. But it wasn’t out yet! I was so bummed. And I’m serious, it wasn’t just one time, I really wanted to use the dinner app again and again but I wasn’t sure when it was going to release.”

“So a couple weeks later I’m riding my bike down East 5th and I see a guy with a Dindr shirt! I slam on my brakes, cross the street and basically yell at him, ‘Are you the Dindr guy?!’”

‘‘Yeah that’s me!’ he responded, probably stoked out that someone recognized him for the app he was creating.”

“When are you going to release it??”

“Turns out it wasn’t releasing for awhile but we exchanged info and I ended up inviting him to the once a month dinner party we host called Eat Dinner, Save the World. The idea is to invite brand new friends to dinner so this seemed like a good fit.”

“But as Austin goes, it didn’t take long for us to cross paths again. That next Saturday my bro and I were working at Cuvee and look who walks in.. the Dindr guy! Of course. Within a few weeks I crossed paths with this guy three times AND he was coming to dinner the next week. That’s ATX for you.”

“So anyway, long story short he ends up coming to Eat Dinner… wait wait get this! He actually lives ONE apartment complex away. Like a 3 minute walk. We lived at East Side Station and he lived across the train tracks at The Arnold.”

“So he comes to Eat Dinner and we end up really connecting with him so we keep hanging, coffee shop-ing around the city and supporting each other in our entrepreneurial roller coasters. So crazy how things like that happen. Sometimes the universe just wants you to connect with people and keeps pushing you together. Now, like a year later, we still hang all the time. Thanks universe.”

_ _ _ _ _

Shout out to Zach and Dindr that eventually evolved into The Round (coming soon but go like the page to stay updated)

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