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Rad People Doing Cool Things #1

Rad People Doing Cool Things #1

SOLO Eyewear

SOLO glasses are pretty much the only glasses I’ve worn over the last couple years so needless to say I love them. SOLO is a rad company based in San Diego who sells eco-friendly sunglasses made with repurposed bamboo and recycled plastic AND each person helps restore vision for a person in need.

To date they’ve restored vision to 15,000+ people!

Last year they hosted a LIVE + Give Trip to an eye clinic in Baja where a group of us piled in a Sprinter for a weekend trip of visiting orphanages, building houses in Tijuana and helping distribute eye care.

Wander Gather

Stop swiping. Start living. Watch the video, that’s why they made it :)

Amanda Horvath

My bad ass sister Amanda releases weekly video that share step by step processes of how to leverage the power of video in your business. The video topics range from “How to Shoot Videos on the Fly” to “How to Write a Promotional Video Script” so if you’re thinking about using any sort of video to promote your business or brand then definitely check out her videos.

Check out this in depth video talking about how we stole The Guide Kickstarter script, used bot marketing (this wasn’t actually the right choice) and repurposing longer videos for social media marketing.

South of Everywhere

High school homie Emory Blake started a premiere high end retail gallery that sells designer clothing I probably won’t ever wear. The South Lamar space is gray and concrete and minimal so I’m a big fan PLUS it’s freaking brick and mortar business which is next level. They also host events including a residency every first Thursday at The Last Straw.

Britt James

I met Britt through Instagram about two years ago and have been inspired ever since. His persistent commitment to making an impact in Philly through his work with rallying assistance and outreach to address the homeless opiate / heroin crisis is truly inspiring.

It’s his focus because about three years ago he was addicted to opiates. He has a great story.

Since getting clean he started a dog walking business, launched Philly Unknown, given back tons around the city, hosted successful fundraisers and now how his own “Be a Voice” radio show.

Support his work by buying items like sleeping bags, deodorant, socks and more on his Amazon Wishlist here

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How to Build Your Personal Brand Website in under 10 hours for $16