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Not Letting Social Media Kill Me : 4 Things I'm Doing in 2019

Not Letting Social Media Kill Me : 4 Things I'm Doing in 2019

For the last two months I’ve been slowly moving away from social media usage, mainly on my cell phone. I’ve realized a majority of the time spent on my phone is on social media and this kind of makes me sick.

So I’ve started leaving my phone in the car, I went without social media for 10 days while in Budapest and now I’m taking it a bit further for 2019.

1. No Facebook App on my Phone

Facebook Sucks. Not for everything but for most things. Especially on my phone. I rarely post from my phone and end up scrolling needlessly so I’m just going to delete the app.

I’m going to use it on my computer for LIVE stuff and sharing articles but I think taking it off my phone will drastically reduce my FB usage, thank god.

2. Deleting and Re-downloading Instagram Daily

Insta is another scroll hole and I hate having it so accessible, so I’m deleting it. But I do need it so I’m goin to re-download it at a set time everyday, do my work and then delete it again. Day after day.

It’s the best option I can think of right now besides starting to use Planoly which I just learned let’s auto-posting.

3. Setting a Time Limit and Sticking To It

I set the “Screen Time App Limits for social media but I continually ignore them and that sucks and makes me feel like such an addict every time. So starting the new year I’m setting my limit and sticking to it.

I have the feeling #1 + #2 are going to help drastically curb this limit but just in case I’m not going to break the limit.

4. Only Insta-following people who I want to interact with

I follow a lot of people I don’t really want to interact with. It’s mainly people I’ve met through the years or loose friends / acquaintances that have stacked up that will be cut.

It’s not that I don’t care about them, I just don’t feel the need to interact on Insta with them and since I want to use social to expand new connections while deepening existing connections and some people I follow don’t really fit that criteria, so I’m going to cleans my list.

*Maybe 5. Get rid of my phone

The best thing I use my phone for is creating content because the iPhone camera is f-ing amazing. I hardly use it for anything positive besides content, which I still don’t do that much, mainly just while traveling. Social media is a waste of time and I can do most of it from my computer anyway. I call people and text but that’s mainly it.

So I’m thinking of selling my iPhone 8+ and getting an Apple Watch. That way I can still take calls and text but not have to have a phone all the time. I haven’t fully explore this idea but it’s a lingering one so we’ll see…. anyone want to buy an iPhone??

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