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[LESSON] The first week analytics recap

[LESSON] The first week analytics recap

Last Monday I launched Common Vandal as a creative outlet to share ideas, lessons and stories.

I’d been sitting on this domain and Instagram handle for a couple of months but didn’t quite make the time commitment to bringing it to life. Then the time finally came and I created some space to build it out and start publishing.

Turns out building this site took less than 10 hours (I’m writing a step-by-step article on what I did , coming soon) and now a week later I’ve published 7 articles.

A personal site is a great resource for personal branding and can have a powerful affect on how people perceive you, your business or career and your story so I highly encourage you to build your own in 2019 (this is the year to do it!)

I’m going to be sharing more of the processes of what I’m doing to build my personal brand so I wanted to do a quick first week recap to share how slowly it will start.

About 300 people visited my site the first week.

how to start a personal brand common vandal zach horvath

Most of this traffic came from my personal Facebook and Instagram through sharing articles. The second big jump (!) is from inviting people to like the Page. I sent out a mass invite after 6 days of publishing.

Facebook Page

There wasn’t much action on my Facebook Page because people didn’t know about it until yesterday but I’m going to be posting on the Common Vandal page now that it has some traction so these numbers should look pretty different next week.

basics of facebook page analytics

Business Manager Pixel Analytics

One of the very important parts of a site is the Facebook Pixel that tracks everyone that goes to your site. It’s definitely one of the biggest resources for eventual marketing so I highly suggest adding it even if you have no idea what to do with it. Pretty cool that there were more than 800 pixel fires the first week.

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 8.40.54 AM.png

Page Post Data

One of the big things I’m focusing on is not caring.

Common Vandal is my creative outlet and I can’t let what others might think affect how I create. However I still have to measure analytics to see what people are clicking on, reading and interested in. I’m already finding this is a tough balance so I’ll be sharing more about how to balance this as it develops.

The cool thing is that within two weeks I built a site, set up a baseline marketing strategy, 300 people checked it out and I was able to clearly share some thoughts and ideas that have been bouncing around my head… all of which is the exact reason I launched Common Vandal.

I’m excited to keep creating and as it looks now I’ll probably be publishing daily through the end of the year so stay tuned for more [LESSONS] on what I’ve learned launching my personal brand website.

Comment below with any questions about setting up this site or other ideas / lessons / stories you want to hear about :)

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“The Unexamined Life Isn’t Worth Living”

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