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[LESSON] 4 Reasons You Need a Sticker Marketing Strategy

[LESSON] 4 Reasons You Need a Sticker Marketing Strategy

You’re missing out if you aren’t using stickers in your marketing.

If you run a business, freelance or are building a personal brand, stickers are a super easy and highly effective form of brand marketing. Adding a sticker strategy to your overall marketing plan can seriously amplify the ROI, especially in a hyper local market, yet many people overlook this simple addition.

4 Reasons To Use Sticker Marketing

1) Stickers are more fun than business cards

Everyone has business cards but how many people have stickers? Exactly.

Imagine someone expecting a business card but instead you hand them a cool sticker that includes all of your branding and contact info. It immediately stands out for it’s simple unique experience, especially if it’s a really cool sticker. If it’s a really cool sticker they might even stick it somewhere, resulting in residual marketing power.

2) Stickers are cheap and easy

In the next 5 minutes you can order high quality stickers for the event you have this weekend for less than $.40 a piece. Sites like Sticker Mule make it insanely easy. You can give them away easily, run contests or stick them up around the city without blowing the budget.

3) Subconscious Impression

I can’t tell you how many hundreds of times I hand someone a LIVE A GREAT STORY sticker and they pause to deep dive into their memory to remember why they know it.

I can see the gears turning as they surf through their mental catalog searching for a reference event.

The reason? Humans ingest an insane amount of subconscious data. If the conscious mind in an ant, the subconscious is an elephant. We consciously notice only tiny amounts of info however our mind actually collects all of the peripheral data without us noticing (that’s why dreaming is crucial for organizing all of this data).

Putting your stickers around the city will result in hundreds of thousands of subconscious impressions creating space to physically and digitally retarget. This works really well in a geographically focused area because you can target demographics that you know have seen the stickers and are kinda-sorta warm.

4) Stickers Encourage Creative Marketing

When you’re walking around with a pocket full of stickers it forces you to see things differently. You start looking at how people flow through spaces, where / how / why eyes are attracted to certain areas, how people engage and exchange information and how ideas spread through interaction.

You’ll start noticing an underlying world of “slaps”. Then you’ll also notice that you’ve noticed it before but just didn’t really get it, until now. Now you get it.

There’s rules to sticker-ing, though, and you’ll probably break a bunch. You might even get reprimanded or see some backlash but that’s part of the process of learning the way of the stickers. You’ll start observing things differently which will stretch your creative muscle.

TAKE AWAY : Order 100 or 250 here and get rid of them as fast as possible. Seriously, just try it.

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