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Introducing : Common Vandal

Introducing : Common Vandal

Over a decade ago I committed to a life of trying new things, meeting interesting people, visiting faraway places and pushing my comfort zone to collect as many experiences as possible.

The sole reason for this commitment is to have damn good campfire stories.

When I’m in my 80’s sitting around a campfire with my grandkids I want to have a collection of stories from a lifetime of  consciously choosing a self-directed, uncharted life that I’m proud to pass on through my heritage.

So for the last 10+ years when tasked with a crossroad of choices, I’ve asked myself, “Which will make the better story?” Needles to say I have some great stories.

But even though I’ve collected a lifetime worth of experiences in the first quarter of my life, I realized I didn’t have a creative medium to share the stories.

I don’t just want this medium, I need it. At my core I’m a creator who has to create. I don’t have an option, I have to create in order to feel alive.

Common Vandal is a creation outlet filled with 1) ideas 2) lessons 3) stories

1) Ideas about life and living, pushing comfort zones, relationships, friendships, family, love, adventure, travel, pursuit, health, education, impact and more.

2) Lessons about failure, marketing, entrepreneurship, embracing ambiguity, community, failure, pursuit and other things I’ve learned along the journey that can hopefully help you avoid some of my mistakes and amplify some of my successes.

3) Stories about being a twenty-something millennial navigating life in the 21st century. My stories but kind of yours, too. I’ll be sharing my personal anecdotes but also contemporary fiction pieces compiled from stories, lessons and experiences that I’ve encountered second hand. Some will be real with names switched out, others will be compilations, others will be totally fiction… all will be a commentary on life to make you think more about how you’re living.

Common Vandal will also highlight rad humans who inspire me through their own pursuit.

No great story happens solo and I’m incredibly grateful for my community that continually pushes me forward. I wouldn’t be who I am without my people and I think you should get to know them because they’re inspiring af.

Here’s my commitment : Common Vandal is 100% designed for complete autonomy. This creative outlet is authentic, original and uninfluenced by what I think you might think. This site is a commitment to pursue individuality, independent thinking and unbiased honesty. Hopefully my commitment inspires you to make similar choices because continually deciding to be ourselves is the single best decision you can make.

I’m excited to crank up this journey and I’m grateful that you read this far :) Thanks for joining me on this next step, definitely reach out with any questions and if you want to stay updated on all the action please join the mailing list!

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🥃 After 4 months of no drinking, that first sip of Maker's was delicious

🥃 After 4 months of no drinking, that first sip of Maker's was delicious

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What Would Your Heritage Think?