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The Behind-the-Scenes Journey of Creating

The Behind-the-Scenes Journey of Creating

From the outside it’s easy to see finished, clean and polished products and fall into the idea that things happen easily for that person.

We scroll through Instagram and see amazing pictures, funny videos or people’s business taking off and from this side of the screen it’s hard to understand how much work went into creating the content we consume with a finger flick.

But what seems easy from this side of the screen never ever ever was easy. Never ever ever ever.

Bringing an idea to life takes an incredible amount of time, focus, commitment, perseverance and belief that it’s worth it.

Videos take an immense amount of time. From pre-production to production to post-production to publishing and marketing, the process is insanely intensive.

Photography is a game of numbers. To get that one shot takes hundreds of shutter clicks. And then there’s post-processing, editing and publishing. Have you ever seen the behind the scenes of a photoshoot? Maybe 1 out of every 100 pictures is pretty good. Want a great picture? It takes tons of work.

Ecommerce? Think about how much it takes to have an idea, bring it to life, market, sell and ship it to your door! By the time that package arrives to your door it’s undergone a lifetime of work.

Art and Music is the same. Behind the canvas or album art is a lifetime of energy, focus and determination to bring to life a polished product.

Behind the scenes of anything quality is an insane amount of work. Somebody is pouring their time, energy and love into creating that product, content or experience and if it’s really good, the result looks effortless, simple and amazing. But it’s never as simple as it looks from the audience. Never ever ever ever. Ever ever ever.

For the creators, that’s the journey.

We put in the tireless hours to bring ideas to life because we don’t have a choice. We push ourselves to learn, grow, fail, learn and try again because we don’t have another choice.

Giving up on creating isn’t an option. Even in the face of adversity, slow growth, endless obstacles and setbacks we keep pushing because that’s the game. For true creators the end product isn’t the destination, it’s the process of creation that really fuels us. The first 90% that happens behind the scenes is where true art (and fulfillment) lies.

The final 10% when the curtain pulls back to reveal the finished product is only a small part of the iceberg of creation.

So when creators do reveal the finished product, support them

First and foremost you need to share it. Share the shit out of it. Hit that Facebook “Share Now” and let it fly freely. Share their Youtube video, Spotify album, podcast link or blog post.Tweet and retweet their links. Shares are vital for awareness and until you bring an idea to life you won’t understand how important a simple share can be.

Secondly, buy it. Your friend’s album, canvas painting, printed t-shirt or tickets to their event.

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This is something I’ve been working doing better. I’ve started sharing more Facebook posts, commenting on more social medias and trying to support my friend’s projects better. Moving into 2019 I want to do a way better job so stay tuned for more shoutouts to friends who are doing the damn the thing. To start, here’s a list of some rad people..



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